What Problems Have Been Solved In The Application Of NC Plane Drill

Issuing time:2020-07-16 17:09

At present, we understand the use of plane drilling equipment. During the development of mechanical equipment, through the gradual development of numerical control system, many present equipment has been applied, including the present numerical control plane drilling equipment, through the gradual development and improvement of manufacturers.

Can meet different parts of the processing and production applications, so in many areas of concern by the distance, so the selection and application of CNC plane drill, to solve the actual processing and production needs? The present numerical control plane drill belongs to the numerical control application equipment, now understands the numerical control plane drill use.

The CNC plane drill is provided with a slotted slot on both sides of the column, which can be used to adjust the distance of the gearbox to apply the workpiece. The upper part of the equipment is equipped with LED lights, which can provide strong light effect. The water tank is arranged outside the worktable, to prevent cold water splashing into the drill bit cooling, thus affecting the staff, the bottom of the base is equipped with a water storage tank. The received water can flow directly into the water tank, which is easy to handle and simple.

Fully automatic intelligent CNC plane drill, because the intelligent circuit software, has been connected to the control panel connected to the Electronic Circuit Board chip, so it can automatically identify the running state of the drill, and automatically send instructions to the Servo Motor, in order to adjust the direction of the feed and the drill to realize the significance of the die and the control, the NC plane drill includes the main structure of the lathe bed, and also includes the drill mechanism and the workpiece clamping seat, so that the workpiece seat is fixed on the operating table.

Today, the use of CNC plane drill with a new way of working, it can reduce cutting force and cutting temperature to increase tool durability, reduce Surface roughness and burrs, and increase positioning accuracy and dimensional accuracy, combined with CNC systems, small Hole machining on the workpiece can increase the quality and efficiency of processing, prevent drill damage, increase tool life, increase processing quality and efficiency, reduce production costs.


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