What Practical Problems In Machining Have Been Solved By Numerical Control Plane Drill

Issuing time:2020-07-16 16:57

After the understanding and selection of equipment, can be different fields of processing production needs, for the current CNC plane drill, it can be engineering machinery production, locomotive, aerospace and automotive fields of production and processing.

And in the actual application process, can provide the use of CNC equipment performance, so the user through the selection and use of CNC plane drill, solve what practical production and processing problems?

The NC plane drilling worktable used therein includes at least a fixed fixture arranged on the surface of the worktable. A Square frame is arranged around the worktable, and the protective plate is arranged on the square frame, which can be fixed with adjustable clamps for different working objects, the protective plate can be opened around the worktable, and the protective plate can be opened directly at low cost, and can be removed directly from the waste.

At present, a tool changing mechanism is fixed on the base of the multihead NC plane drill, and a drilling mechanism is arranged on the supporting frame, and the drilling mechanism is connected with the feed mechanism. Nowadays, the numerical control plane drilling feed mechanism drives the spindle box of the drilling mechanism to move along the vertical direction, thus making the pneumatic clamp on the spindle box.

It can move the vertical direction, its drilling and feeding mechanism are separate, the structure is clear and simple, easy to maintain, and controlled by the NC system, can increase the operation flexibility, increase the production efficiency and reduce the cost, now it can be used in the field of machining.


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