What Are The Advantages Of The New Type Nc Plane Drill

Issuing time:2020-07-16 16:52

Nowadays, in order to increase the actual processing efficiency, it has become a problem of processing production in many fields. Therefore, the processing efficiency and quality of product components can be solved through the selection and use of new equipment, for the current use of flat computing devices.

Through the development and application of the present numerical control technology, the present numerical control plane drill has been gradually popularized, therefore can obtain the different parts processing demand, how to understand this kind of equipment's superior performance? The present NC plane drilling installation structure, in which the supporting Shell is a hollow structure.

And the output shaft of the push rod motor is fixed with a supporting slide, the hydraulic pump is fixed at the top of the worktable, the Piston Rod of the hydraulic pump is fixed with an installation shell, and the diaphragm of the installation Shell is fixed with a diaphragm, and the diaphragm is provided with a drive motor fixed in the installation shell, today, the use of pushrod motor, which support the slider, not only can adjust the distance of the worktable, but also can adjust the installation distance of the worktable, to prevent the drill body from tilting, punching quality and poor accuracy.

At present, in the application of machining equipment, it can be seen that the vertical movable numerical control plane drill includes the machine base and the machine head which is installed on the machine base through the column. The new type numerical control plane drill has simple structure, convenient operation, stable and reliable work, the drill bit is cooled correctly by a cooling nozzle connected with a universal ball. It increases the fixity of the bottom of the bit, and the drilling efficiency is high.

The ushaped slot is used for the centralized treatment of waste and liquid, and the cleaning efficiency is increased. The structure of the new type NC plane drill is relatively compact, and the current structure of the conveyor belt is often located under the worktable, which reduces the width of the conveyor belt and the distance between the base and the NC plane drill, and saves the production cost of the NC plane drill, the improved conveyor belt can protect the belt body from high temperature waste and increase the service life of the belt.


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