How To Fully Understand The Numerical Control Plane Drilling Equipment

Issuing time:2020-07-16 16:48

The continuous progress of science and technology has played a key role in the development and application of the field of mechanical equipment. At present, through the design and development of the numerical control plane drill, it meets the processing and manufacturing requirements of components in different fields, there are many different areas involved.

Through the continuous development and transformation of the main structure, the present CNC plane drilling equipment has the effect of flexible operation, simple, practical and stable precision? In the new type of numerical control plane drilling equipment, the processing object can be conveniently and accurately placed above the worktable.

In order to prevent misalignment, where the frame installation and removal application may also slow down the fixed frame and stabilize the increase of the fixed frame, currently available for drilling machines that are not smart enough, an automatic numerical control plane drill is used.

which mainly comprises a machine base and a power head for mounting tools, wherein a control device is arranged on the machine base, and a controller can control the feeding and discharging devices respectively, one of the equipment and the operation of the head application, in the application of CNC plane drill. Now the NC plane drill realizes the automatic feed function of the workpiece, and the workpiece can be programmed by the controller to realize the automatic processing, thus increasing the processing efficiency and precision of the product, the control part can control the feed structure and drill holes on the side of the workpiece with the drill bit, which increases the drilling efficiency.

Through the structure design of the numerical control plane drill in use now, thus further increased the drilling efficiency, the new numerical control plane drill occupies a small area, is easy to operate, the mold processing and the largescale material processing are convenient, the processing precision is high, the processing efficiency is high, low Labor intensity, suitable for mass production and large-scale production.


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