How To Know And Select Nc Plane Drill To Use

Issuing time:2020-07-16 17:03

Nowadays, the selection and use of mechanical equipment can increase the production efficiency in the field of processing and manufacturing. With the continuous increase and popularization of science and technology, the application mode of numerical control system has been gradually popularized, among them in the Innovation and development of mechanical equipment.

Including the current CNC plane drill, and in the actual application of equipment here, can meet the needs of different fields of processing and application, the user in the selection process of CNC plane drill, how to correctly understand and judge it? At present, the movable numerical control plane drill is mainly used for the drilling of circular flanges and other types of components, which can realize automation, so high precision, multivarieties of small and medium batch production, through the understanding of numerical control plane drill equipment, the overall structure of the equipment is relatively simple.

Not only can adapt to different types of drilling objects, increase the adaptability of the NC plane drill, and multiple drilling when you enter the hole, do not stop work and increase the efficiency of the NC plane drill. At present, there is a set of guide rail and feed device on the left and right sides of the main machine in the new type NC plane drilling equipment.

So that materials can be loaded at the same time, so that loading and unloading can be carried out. Therefore, the main engine is in the state of processing the workpiece, and the efficiency of processing the workpiece is increased.

which is suitable for handling the mirror frame, in which the NC plane drill is provided with a protective cover, including the electric box in the fuselage, the machine body is provided with a column and the bottom of the device is provided with a protective cover, so the protective effect in application is good.


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